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Strategy visual senseformers transforming while performing


Find your North Star digital transformation

We help organisations find their North Star
and get everyone to act in days, not months

We are the Visual Senseformers

Digital transformation

Find your True North

by building your vision, strategy and culture

Strategy execution culture transformation

Get everyone to act

by engaging your wider organisation to execute your strategy

Business transformation organisation

Transform yourself

& your organisation

by inspiring you on the personal, business and cultural aspects of transformation

Inspiration visualisation co-creation

We help you transform while performing

 Visual facilitation
 Transformation programmes
 Vision and strategy workshops

Our book cover Transforming while performing to find your North Star

Our book

Transforming while performing

How to build your North Star, align your people and get everyone to act in days, not months

A book for decision-makers, entrepreneurs, innovators and change drivers that realise the old methods of building plans and strategies for the future no longer suffice.

What our customers say

Workshops events keynotes
The Visual Senseformers sparked and energised our team, to build a future on our solid foundation whilst keeping our human DNA.

Lise Conix, CEO at Torfs

Transforming while performing
Business strategy culture
Digital strategy
Coaching transformation
Business an culture transformation

We helped them transform while performing

Strategy transformation
We helped Microsoft in its strategic plan to transform while performing
Robovision digital transformation
SES visual facilitation and inspiration
ESA inspiration co-creation and visualisation
Torfs keynotes events workshops coaching
umicore keynotes events workshops coaching
SPS inspiration co-creation and visualisation
VRT culture transformation
Egmont Publishing digital transformation business culture
Vlerick Transforming while performing
Bridgestone digital and business transformation
BCOostende Business transformation
Ministerie van Financien Visual senseformers
European Commission Transforming performing
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