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We are the
Visual Senseformers

We know first-hand the pains of working in organisations that are constantly transforming. As independent entrepreneurs we advise start-ups and organisations in all major industries around the world.


We came to realise the old methods of building plans to Transform while Performing are simply not sufficient. To maximise our impact we founded the Visual Senseformers to help companies find their future North Star, build their strategic plan and get everyone to act in days, not months. We do this through coaching, keynotes, workshops and events unleashing the Power of 3: inspiration, visualisation and co-creation.

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Olivier Van Duuren Visual Senseformers

Olivier Van Duüren is an international public speaker, trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, transformer, active investor and author.

After twenty-two years at Microsoft internationally, Olivier left to start The Dualarity, a book and a business, helping organisations to Transform while Performing.

He teaches at the Zigurat Business School (University of Barcelona) for Technology and Innovation. He is an active investor of 9.5 Ventures building tailor-made start-ups for corporates, board member/advisor at various companies. He is co-founder of the Visual Senseformers and co-author of the book Transforming while Performing.

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Kristof Braekeleire started drawing as a child and never stopped. Somewhere along the way he got into the tech business and spent twenty years at Hewlett-Packard, ending up working for the global headquarters in Silicon Valley as a visual strategist.


In 2017 he left HP to start up JIXSO, a visual facilitation business, known for accelerating change and helping clients reach success quicker. His lifelong experience of drawing with his background in business and technology, allows him to merge his passion for problemsolving with his creative talent. He is co-founder of the Visual Senseformers and co-author of the book Transforming while Performing.

Kristof Braekeleire Visual Senseformers
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