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The Power Questions: Handling objections 2

โ“ Why do we need a Power Question?

When we bring up the Power Question during our sessions, we occasionally come across participants who feel reluctant about the idea.

A reaction we sometimes get is: "Isn't this the same as listing the objectives?"
A Power Question is similar to listing the objectives of a meeting or programme. However, objectives are often either too high level, either far too detailed. They may even be copied and pasted from another document or made by someone who isn't even involved in the programme.

๐Ÿ” The Power Question sets the scene with the team members and creates alignment on what the problem is they need to solve. It defines the focus for each session.

โœ… We find a Power Question very helpful especially when it includes the problems, referencing the context you are operating in, as well as the desired outcomes, the points you wish to achieve.

Some example questions:
'How can we evolve towards a dynamic organisation that uses data to create societal and economic value?'
'How can we build and execute a sustainable vision and strategy to scale for global AI impact?'
'What strategy do we need to remain the leading player in our industry?'

๐Ÿ‘‰ Defining a Power Question is part of finding your organisation's North star, as explained in our book "Transforming while Performing".

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