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Align, amplify, act

Have you ever been in a two-day off-site where you discussed and reflected on the future of your organisation? Did it have any lasting impact? Or were you taken over by the business as usual, and not able to work on all those lovely promises made during the off-site.

A question we often get at the end of a conference or workshop is: “What do we do with all this great output?” Or: “How are we going to do all that extra work? We already have so many things to do.”

One of our government clients observed this is where the journey begins. The same customer said: “Without depressing people I think it’s worth underlining that this getting started is hard and can take time! In our organisation the initial resistance was high.”

We recognise that with many of our clients. That’s one of the reasons we wrote our book. To offer you plenty of practical tools to address resistance and get people inspired and energised to start the journey.

We’ve created a method to ALIGN, AMPLIFY and ACT.

👉 You start small with a core team to ALIGN on the key aspects of the future North Star and strategy.

👉 As you progress in your transformation planning, the intention is to address a larger group of stakeholders to make the plan better and more tangible, more tactical. We call this the AMPLIFY stage.

👉 And lastly you get things done in the ACT phase, where you multiply the effects of the transformation plan across the organisation and with your ecosystem.

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