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Align, Amplify and Act with SES
A global leading satellite operator

Former CEO Steve Collar and HR Director Evie Roos contacted us to help them in their transformation to respond to the major disruptions happening in their market.

Founded in 1985

2B Euro revenue

Over 70 live satellites

Stage 1: Align with core leadership

The Senior Leadership Team met face to face for a Strategic Off-Site. The power question of that session was "What is the strategic direction and transformative culture that will deliver top stakeholder value and exponential success for SES?"

Stage 2: Amplify with top 100 global leaders

After the strategy off-site, we helped the client organise a 3-day global SES conference in Berlin for their top 100 global leaders. To increase focus and create buzz for the event, we came up with 3 leading themes 'Re-imagine, Connect and Act'. The entire event was built up around these leading themes. We started by landing the new future-proof North Star developed with the senior leadership team, with its purpose 'We do the extraordinary in space, to deliver the amazing experiences everywhere on earth'.

Through a series of inspiring keynotes with internal and external speakers (customers, tech companies, newcomers, project owners) and co-creation workshops engaging everyone in the room, we reflected on the why, what and how of personal and business transformation. We visualised the current state, the desired future state, looking forward 5 years from now, and detailed the bridge listing strategic initiatives and priorities for the next 12 months. The whole process was visually facilitated resulting in a large mural that is now on display in the SES offices. We also took time to dive deeper into the culture.

To make it a unique experience, we co-created event branding artifacts including logos, flyers and banners to engage participants before, during and after the event. The theme visual shows a diverse team co-creating things that will impact the world, but also space, with is their core business. The same themes and visual elements were used for invitation e-mails, event communication, badges and welcome signs. On the day of the event, a massive roll-up was inviting everyone in from the moment they set foot in the venue.

Stage 3: Act with all stakeholders

At the close of the Berlin conference, we created power teams by asking each attendee to select the ambition they wanted to continue working on after the event. Many of the co-creation outcomes and priorities became projects.

So we organised Pitch Days, to help them pitch their projects within each ambition. We conducted business unit deep dives with specific teams, such as the sales teams, technology teams, and the board of directors. They launched an innovation lab, called L-192, and established a global cloud strategy.

Since engaging the Visual Senseformers in our transformation, they have walked with us on the journey, bringing their unique brand of insights, thought-provoking questioning and incredible visualisation. - Steve Collar, CEO at SES

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